About Us

The Gadget Man has all the technical know-how you’ll need, but I also understand that busy people want a personalised service.

So I pride myself on delivering the answers to your problems in an approachable, flexible manner. Not like the IT guys at those big stores who blind you with science then abandon you to a logjammed call centre.

My experience comes from working for big corporate and public-sector employers.

My name is Gene Stoddart and I have 20 years’ expertise in the IT industry working with PCs and Macs.

I used to be Support Specialist and Project Manager for The Body Shop’s worldwide corporate intranet and UK retail store systems. At Hampshire County Council I was database/website design and maintenance specialist.

In 2005 I started The Gadget Man, a do-it-all computer and communications supply and support service. It’s a success – thanks to the word-of-mouth recommendations of my loyal, satisfied customers.

The Gadget Man on 01730 888382
or e-mail: gene@the-gadget-man.com
Professional, confidential. Wherever you want,
whenever you want it.